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Country Choice
From the moment our eggs are hatched to the moment your family enjoys a tasty meal, you can be sure that the highest safety standards have been observed every step of the way.

Our chickens are reared under controlled healthy conditions that meet internationally recognized bio-secure standards.Farm to Fork

Our chicken journey is monitored all the way;-

• Hybrid breeder farms are continually inspected and tested by the Zambian Government Veterinary Authority.
• Hybrid hatcheries are continually inspected and tested by the Zambian Government Veterinary Authority.
• Country Choice Chicken are certified by the following authorities
• Ministry of Agriculture And Livestock Department of Veterinary Service – Sanitary compliance for export
• Food Safety System Certified /ISO 22002/TS – For receiving of live chicken, slaughtering , processing storage and dispatch of whole chicken and related chicken products. The only food processor in Zambia to have this certification.
• KFC star audit – Global Standard
• Nandos audit Global Standard
• Processed Chicken tested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Central Veterinary Research Institute Biochemistry and Toxicology Unit – Result – No antibiotic residue in our products June 2013.

‘The future of the nation is dependent on the health of the next generation’

 Quality assurance and traceability

An essential aspect of modern food production is the ability to demonstrate that the product supplied is healthy, nutritious and safe. Country Choice Chicken, part of Hybrid Poultry believe in transparent customer partnerships: you need to know how products are produced to use them with complete confidence. This document demonstrates Country Choice`s commitment to maintaining traceability throughout the production process.

Our breeding flocks are housed on eight different, isolated farms, each run as a self-contained unit. This is vital for bio-security; measures designed to maintain disease-free, healthy production. The bio-security measures in place on these breeder farms ensure that absolutely no stock comes into contact with disease sources such as wild birds and animals plus all human employees disinfect themselves before entering a unit. These measures are essential to produce healthy chicken. The absence of disease, strict attention to the birds’ welfare and our bio-security standards, coupled with correct nutrition, means we can guarantee the highest quality, disease-free hatching eggs and chicks. All of our farms are visited by the Ministry of Agriculture Government Veterinary Department and we ensure our procedures are to the highest of standards

Eggs produced by our breeder farms are hatched at our own commercial hatcheries. We operate are two hatcheries, on a stand-alone basis, enabling segregation and hatching of eggs from flocks of different ages and different farms. Again, we practice the strictest, internationally recognized bio-security and production procedures to deliver the healthiest, best quality chicks available. Routine audits by the Zambian Government Veterinary Department and Independent veterinarians which involves taking blood samples and doing swabs and air sampling within the Hatchery mean quality standards are never compromised.

Broiler growing:
All the processed chicken we supply is reared from our chicks on specially selected contract farms or our own farms. Whichever the case, the management, dietary and bio-security guidelines are all laid down and monitored by Hybrid. Quality control is further enhanced by highly trained fieldsmen, who visit every farm at least twice a week. On the 11th June 2013 we were tested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Central Veterinary Research Institute Biochemistry and Toxicology Unit for antibiotic residue and we received the following correspondence.

“Dear Mr. Banda,
We have successfully developed and validated a method to analyze Sulfamethazine, Oxytetracycline, Chlortetracycline and Tetracyclines in poultry meat. I am glad to inform you that your products are free from antibiotics and meet both the World Health Organisation and European Union standards.
Keep up with the good work and kind regards”

Processing is through the most modern plant in Zambia, procedures are humane and we have Halaal status. All product movement within the plant is by conveyor or trolley to eliminate any possibility of product being forgotten outside the cooling chain. Storage of products is temperature controlled to internationally recognized standards and all further processing of portions and cut-ups is carried out separately in a temperature-controlled environment. In addition to regular Government and Veterinary Officials inspections the plant operates a HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) system so you can be sure we deliver a safe and healthy poultry product every time. We are also FSSC (Food Safety System Certification). and are the only food processor to have this in Zambia.

Our processing plant meets all Zambian Standards for Health Veterinary and Environment Institutions.