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Congratulations to Country Choice Chicken for winning their age group, we are so proud to have sponsored you.

Best Leader/ Most Sportsmanlike
This award is presented to an open-minded and caring athlete who demonstrates outstanding enthusiasm and positive attitudes at all times. This athlete offers positive guidance and encouragement towards all team members.
The 3 winners this year are: Neel Bhagat (Ole), Peter Finch Jennings (Pizza Hut), Anthony Kasongo (Victoria Hospital)

Most Improved Player
This award is presented to two athletes who are risk-takers, and have shown steady progress in skill level throughout the league. These athletes, one boy and one girl, are principled and demonstrate positive attitudes at all times.
The 2 winners this year are: Ashlee Rock (iCapital) and Christo Leonida (VW by CFAO Zambia Ltd.)

Most Improved Goalkeeper
These athletes are risk-takers who have shown steady progress in goalkeeping skills throughout the season. They demonstrate positive attitudes at all times.
The 2 winners this year are: Sarah Boos (LA Sport) and John Musonda (Emilios)

Spirit of Fair Play Award
This award is presented to two teams who put forward the greatest effort to encourage players, allow equal play time for all participants, and who best embraced the value of fairness on and off the field of plays, as characterised by equality, integrity and trust. These teams understand that the real benefits that young people gain from participating in the league are not in winning and losing, but in having fun, and developing confidence and skill. This award is presented to Fastjet and Eezee Noodles.

Most Organized Team
This award is presented to two teams who have communicated amongst themselves to ensure that all players are present and aware of game schedules and any last minute game changes. It is a tribute to not only the communication amongst the players, but also amongst the coaches and parents. This award is presented to Sporting Wave and People and Places.

Team Supporter Award
This award is for a parent or community member who provides positive support from the side-lines and assists the team when the coach is in need of extra help. This year, the award is presented to Mrs. Judy Mulongoti.

Most Valuable Player
This award reflects a player who is a leader and role model to all members of the team; is open-minded and caring, and possesses outstanding skill. Positive attitudes toward coaches, referees and teammates are always displayed. The winners for this year are: Noah Wiking (Zambika) and William Mulenga (e-times).

Coach of the Season
This award is presented to two coaches that best embrace the values of the league: Excellence, fun, fairness, respect, human development and leadership. It is given to the individuals who are a positive role model for their players, show equality to all, embody sportsmanship, and provide plenty of individual encouragement. This year, the Coaches of the Year are: Naomi Phiri (Solo) and Trevor Smith (LA Sport).

League Winners and Runners Up:
Age 5-7 Runner Up: e-times
Age 5-7 Winner: Crossfit Amaka
Age 8-10 Runner Up: People and Places
Age 8-10 Winner: LA Sport
Age 11-13 Runner Up: Combustion Group
Age 11-13 Winner: Country Choice Chicken
Age 14-17 Runner Up: Taj Pamodzi
Age 14-17 Winner: Times of Zambia